Why attend Expo IA?

– Will be trained in the most relevant topics of the industry with international and national speakers of first level.

– Identify the growth opportunities in terms of competitiveness and profitability that your business needs.

– You can establish relationships with other players in the sector, exchanging ideas and experiences.

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Frequent questions

Why should I attend the Expo IAlimentos academic congress?

Attending Expo IAlimentos you can train in different management issues and fundamental business for any company. The agendas of Innovation, Industrial Nutrition, Food Safety (safety and food quality), Supply Chain, success cases and trends have been designed to update and inspire professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry that will help the industry in Colombia to be more competitive.

Additionally, you can interact with more than 1000 professionals in the industry, exchange experiences and why not, generate important business relationships.

Who will attend the Expo IAlimentos congress?

This event is designed to train professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry of Colombia and the Andean region.

– Senior management

– Directors of research, development and innovation, marketing and purchasing

– Managers and heads of operations, foreign trade, logistics production, plant and quality.

– Nutritionists of the sector

– Journalists

– Government representatives

– Regulation controllers

– Maintenance

– Consultants in quality and safety, health

– Supervisor of supplies

– Environmental monitors

– Food transport and cold chain

– Water treatment

– Certification

– We have the presence of government representatives, associations and the press.

Who will be the speakers of Expo IAlimentos?

Our lecturers are experts in management and business issues for the industry, to know their profiles and complete programming.

When and where will Expo IAlimentos be?

EXPO IALIMENTOS will be held on September 12 and 13, 2018, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Compensar Av 68 # 49 A- 47. Bogotá Colombia.

Will Expo IAlimentos have a cost?

If you wish to attend the EXPO IALIMENTOS trade show and do not have an invitation, you must register in advance at 57 (1) 746 63 10 or Tel: 7466310 Ext. 149 Ext 164 We will be sending the invitation to your email.


To enjoy the academic activities of EXPO IALIMENTOS, the investment is $ 600,000 + VAT. To consult the discount stages and promotions.

Includes: admission to the commercial sample on both days of the event, personalized rosette, access to conference rooms, AM refreshments, digital memories, attendance certificate.

gestor@revistaialimentos.com for ticket purchases and take advantage of discount rates.

Where to stay if I'm not from Bogotá?

If you want to attend Expo IAlimentos Sheraton Hotels and Santa Cruz Corferias offers you a series of plans and rates with which you will discover new forms of tranquility, elegance and comfort.


Very interesting this version of Expo IAlimentos, EXPO IALIMENTOS, has grown a lot, many more suppliers are seen. The academic part, very interesting, very relevant issues, very important. We are very happy with this new version.
Santiago Ocampo, Corporate Manager of Innovation in Colombina.

I found the exhibition very interesting. There are innovative products that are being developed with nutritional approaches, very interesting for small and medium enterprises.
Javier Castro, Head of development and research of Química Aromática Andina.
Expo IAlimentos seems to me a very interesting space that has managed to consolidate and have in the same event all the actors of the industry from ingredient suppliers to producers of different brands.
Leonardo Daza, Director of product development at Team Foods Colombia.